How can we help you in Branding?

  • Branding allows you to get creative and we don’t call ourselves Home of the Creatives for nothing!
  • Our branding-centered services are here to bring your business to new heights.
  • We’re here to help your company create a unified identity with every form of digital or material collateral you may need.

Let us help you show ‘em what you got!

COREations make a brand strategy and research

Having an effective strategy and comprehensive understanding of consumer insights is the prerequisite to any brand's success.
We excel in positioning our clients to achieve maximum exposure through a combination of cutting-edge research and our experience in market entry.
Our team will create a strategy customized for your brand's specific needs.

Our Branding Services

As we’ve covered, your branding includes everything from the visual elements of your company logos, color schemes, etc.—as well as your brand personality, tone, your marketing message, and how you share that message.
COREations can take all of those disparate elements and merge them into a complete branding that delights both you and your target audience.
We have skilled and talented marketers at their disposal, including copywriters, designers, strategists, developers, and others to build your company’s branding.


Logo design

A logo is an important part of your company's brand whether in launching or rebranding.


Brand identity

Your brand needs a unique identity to be identified by customers.


Brand messaging

It is the right words to communicate the essence of your brand to potential customers and it is an important marketing term.


Brand positioning

The strategy of the brand with the goal to create a unique impression in the minds of the customers.


Brand style guide

Visual style guides are used to define the way the brand will look and to keep corporate graphics consistent and uniform across materials.


Brand voice

It is essentially how your brand's content sounds in people's heads and it is core tenet for creating every piece of digital content.

Why is it important to use a Branding agency?

  • Your brand is what allows you to gain competitive advantage, define a robust brand communications strategy and above all increase your reach and widen your target audience.
  • Choosing COREations to work alongside you can help you to achieve all of these things and more. You need to find the right branding agency for you, and sometimes this isn’t always the one that will tell you what you want to hear.

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